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Thailand Daily News

  • Navy claims lack of subs puts it at regional disadvantage... Read more
  • Certainty grows that washed-up wreckage from 'lost' MH370... Read more
  • China loggers among 7,000 prisoners freed in Myanmar... Read more
  • Landslide in Nepal kills 20 after heavy rain, toll may rise... Read more
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Pattaya Local News

AllPattaya Latest

  • Free for ALL in Pattaya

    AllPattaya Business Directory is proud to announce we're assisting local businesses in Pattaya during this difficult financial time by offering a Full Webpage COMPLETELY FREE. All Pattaya businesses can present their complete details, including full descriptions, photos, images, logo, and put YOUR business on the Google map! If you're... Read more
  • Searching Pattaya Businesses

    We have been working on our search facility quite a bit recently to ensure it provides one of the fastest means to find what you are looking for in Pattaya. Along with various speed tweaks we now include email addresses in search plus complete business addresses and descriptions. What this now means is the search can be used in new and exciting... Read more
  • AllPattaya works well

    AllPattaya online business directory works well. Our statistics show 75% of visitors to the business directory reached a business listing page. And due to our high rankings in the search engines, we can tell you that 51% of vistors found AllPattaya business directory using Google search... Read more
  • RSS Feeds

    Our Thailand daily news feed now displays the provider's name. You may notice it change between the Bangkok Post and The Nation. The reason for the change is simply down to what provider is available at the time as - for whatever reason - we found that on occasion one service would become unavailable. Also added is an RSS feed that folks... Read more
  • Given up on Yellow Pages?

    Yellow Pages are a popular source of business addresses and information all over the world, but in Pattaya there's only one easy to use and comprehensive directory - and that's AllPattaya. With over 4,000 business services currently listed and still growing, AllPattaya is the phone directory of choice when trying to locate a business in... Read more
  • AllPattaya Intro

    Do you own a business in Pattaya? Do you want more customers? Then get yourself listed in, the best and most accurate source of Pattaya business info. You can add your business FREE of charge; just click on the 'Sign Up' link or contact us directly calling on 038 251 755. provides up-to-date and... Read more

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