Pattaya City Hall

City Hall Administration

1. Administration structure and authority

Pattaya Establishment
Pattaya city is a local administration organization having jurisdiction over Pattaya city before the date of statute and Pattaya city is cooperation. Any change to Pattaya jurisdiction will has the King Seal Pattaya Administration.

Pattaya Administration consist of:
1. Pattaya Congress
2. Pattaya mayor

Pattaya Congress
Pattaya congress has twenty-four members who were elected in Pattaya district with the term of four years starting from the election date. When there is any vacancy due to term expiration or dissolving of the congress, or deemed dissolved according to article 19 clause 3, an election will be held within 45 days from the date of the term expiration or dissolving of the congress, or deemed dissolved.
When there is a vacancy, an election will be held within 45 days starting from the vacancy date except the remaining term of Pattaya congress is less than 180 days.
The elected member will only hold the office for the remaining term.
In case of the number of vacancy is higher than the remaining member, the City Manager will report to the Mayor to consider dissolving the congress.
Pattaya congress member will elect one chairman and two vice-chairmen and present them to the City Manager.
The domination of the chairman and vice-chairmen will be during the 1st congress meeting after the election.
The chairman has the authority to dominate a secretary and secretary assistance no more than the number of Pattaya congress vice-chairmen.

Pattaya Mayor
The mayor is elected by registered residents of Pattaya city. The election will be by direct and secret votes. The term lasts 4 years from the date of the election and cannot hold the office for more than 2 terms. When the mayor leaves the office, an election will be held within 45 days from the date of the vacancy. The new mayor will be assigned office duties within 7 days from the date of the election.
The mayor has the right to dominate 4 deputies that are not member of the congress to help out with the assigned workloads.

The mayor has the following authorities
1. Establish policies and responsibilities in Pattaya administration in
accordance with the laws and statues.
2. Order, allow and approve Pattaya administration.
3. Dominate or terminate Pattaya city deputy mayors, secretaries, and
secretary assistants, the head of the advisory board, advisor or the
board of advisors.
4. Set regulation for Pattaya city administration.
5. Perform the duties assigned by minister, prime minister and city
manager or in accordance with the duties assigned by law.

The mayor is able to dominate secretaries and secretary assistants no more than the number of deputy mayors and is able to dominate a board of advisors no more then 5 persons to help with assigned workloads.

Pattaya administration regulation
Pattaya mayor control and is responsible in Pattaya city administration and is the commander of all city officials and employees.

Pattaya administration is divided in to the following:
1. Pattaya deputy office
2. Other agency that the mayor elected with the approval of Ministry of Interior.

The mayor with the approval of the Ministry of Interior assigns the authority and duties of above offices.

Pattaya Deputy
Pattaya deputy is 2nd highest to the mayor in term of Pattaya administration and day-to-day operation. Pattaya deputy is also responsible for work assigned by the mayor.
In accordance with the law, he pecking order is the mayor, deputy and city official respectively.

Pattaya City Authority
According to article 62 under the law, Pattaya has the authority as follow in Pattaya city.
1. Peace keeping
2. Environmental and natural resources preservation.
3. Protecting and taking care of public property.
4. City planning and construction.
5. Residential area management and improvement.
6. Traffic management.
7. City sanitation and regulation.
8. Getting rid of waste and garbage and water treatment.
9. Arranging clean water and tap water.
10. Organizing markets, ports and parking areas.
11. Health and safety management in restaurants, theatres and others businesses.
12. Controlling and promoting tourism.
13. Local arts, culture, tradition and ideal preservation.
14. Other authority according to Pattaya city law.
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